My inspiration

This is an 1min short video, the reason why it inspired me simply because this video is without any dialoge, just the character facial expressions but it created a such impactful narrative piece. I’d like to try make one of video as same as this without any dialoge.

Dolly Zoom

Few of us from the class we group together to try out this Dolly zoom in/ zoom out shot. We basically used wheels chair to replace dolly, we also tried out to film this video by walking inward or backward. The outcome wasn’t really nice, it’s shaky due to we lack of proper equipments to stabilise the camera, but overall we achieve the ‘Dolly Zoom’ shot that we wanted.

My Goals

In this module, being able to go out and filming by myself is the key aim that I wanted to achieve and learn, and also experience the whole process of making a short video by my own. Never less, I’d like to exploring camera equipment, improve technical skills in order to create a piece of great work. I am also like to develop my own recognizable filmmaking style as well as improving my personal visions and ideas and able to apply onto my work. I interested into tv commercial pieces and also short films. Thus, during this module I would like to create a short video piece that I could apply with my goals.

Another way out

This is a documentary about anxiety and depression, seeking the alternative solutions to help with. By following a person journey, using POV shooting method to gain the attention from the audience, see what the character see and feel what it feel. This documentary was film for the last module project.